Welcome to my website

I’m Laura Candiotto, a philosophy professor at the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic.
Originally from Italy, I moved to Scotland, France, and Germany over the last seven years to engage in various research projects at the criss-cross of social epistemology and ethics.

My research focuses on the epistemic role of emotions as embedded in dialogical interactions and communities of inquiry. I have worked on love, wonder, and shame, bridging my expertise in the Socratic method of inquiry and the enactive approach to participatory sense-making.

I am now exploring the intertwining of the enactive and panpsychist perspectives about the continuity between life and mind, contributing to the development of an enactive ethics grounded on what reveals existential concerns and values, especially regarding environmental issues.

As a fellow of ICA4, I’m also working onthe ethics of AI, especially focusing on the affective interactions with AI agents.


A new article on a specific kind of loneliness that can be experienced online: Extended loneliness: When hyperconnectivity makes us feel alone. Ethics and Information Technology 2022.

The “not possible without” principle as an alternative to the parity principle in the socially extended mind: What I cannot do without you. Towards a truly embedded and embodied account of the socially extended mind. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 2022

A special forum about my target article “Loving the Earth by loving a place” in Constructivist Foundations, 17(3), 2022. The forum includes ten peer commentaries and my answer to them titled “The space in-between”.

Collective inquiry as the epistemic culture that enables epistemic emotions: “Epistemic emotions and co-inquiry: a situated approach”, Topoi 2022.

A joint paper co-authored with Hanne De Jaegher on an enactive account to loving: “Love in-between”, The Journal of Ethics 2021


Youtube channel

An interview on emotion and intelligence with Mike Livermore: Podcast EMOTION and INTELLIGENCE (2022)

A short video introducing some of my core research topics: My research in a Nutshell (2017)