3 Charles Street

Edinburgh EH8 9AD
Phone 0131 651 3083
The Dugald Stewart Building is located within what is referred to as the Central Area South Campus of Edinburgh University and extremely well served by bus. The building is within approx 1 mile of the city centre.
The nearest railway line is at Waverley Station in the city centre.
Due to the central location of The Dugald Stewart Building within the Central Area Campus, access can be made from many directions, although the main entrance is located opposite the McEwan Hall entrance and across the Bristo Square. Access is generally level from all sides and is fairly easily managed by all.
Persons with mobility difficulties arriving by vehicle can access The Dugald Stewart Building via Crichton Street – and into George Square. Car parking is generally within George Square and is “pay and display”. Disabled parking is available within George Square, but is limited.
Bus stops on Teviot Place and Potterrow are within approximately 200yards of the building.
Car parking in George Square is within 150 yards.
Phd students session: room 1.17
Main Conference: rooms 3.10 – 3.11