Emotions First – 2016-2017

emotions first website headerThe emotional quest for the good of the organism is constitutive of rationality

The main hypothesis of the project asserts that emotions are ultimate guides towards what is truly good for the organism, thereby grounding rationality which develops in the process. Affective intentionality is the more primitive sources of knowledge and, as extended in the social interactions, it drives cognition into a distributed and dynamical system of group knowledge.



Emotions First is hosted by the Eidyn Research Centre of the University of Edinburgh, where the extended knowledge hypothesis meets the cognitive sciences. The aim is to engage with the new frontiers of investigation about the integration of the emotional with the rational and bring to them “new intuitions”, which are derived by researching the ancient philosophical sources.

Making “use of the past” to rebuild the future

Emotions First. Feeling reason: the role of the emotions in reasoning

Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, funded by the European Commission

Grant Agreement number: 655143 – EMOTIONS FIRST

Supervisor: Prof. Dory Scaltsas