Laura Candiotto, University of Edinburgh (Organiser)

  • Anja Berninger, University of Stuttgart, Thinking together, feeling together – What relevance do shared emotions have for group cognitions?

  • Michael Brady, University of Glasgow, Reasoning about the Feelings of Others
  • Andy Clark, University of Edinburgh, Happily Entangled: Emotions, Cognition, and the Predictive Mind (lecture based upon joint work with Mark Miller)

  • Mary Carman, University of Geneva, Emotional Thinking

  • Tom Cochrane, University of Sheffield, Reason as an Extension of Affect

  • Giovanna Colombetti, University of Exeter, Primordial affectivity and feeling reasons

  • Roberta Dreon, University of Venice, Emotional exchanges. George Herbert Mead on the origins of language

  • Alison Duncan Kerr, University of St Andrews, Feeling in Reasoning: The Case of Emotional Acumen

  • Owen Earnshaw, Durham University, Disorientation and Cognitive Inquiry

  • Pascal Engel, UMR8566 EHESS/CNRS Paris, The rational role of epistemic emotions

  • Philip Gerrans, University of Adelaide, Depersonalisation Disorder as a Window on Self-Awareness

  • Anthony Hatzimoysis, University of Athens, Moody Reasons

  • Raamy Majeed, University of Cambridge, When Emotions Misfire. Encapsulation as an Explanation of Irrational Emotions

  • Dina Mendonça & João Sàágua, University of Lisbon, The Role of Reflexivity and Meta-Emotions in Reasoning

  • Cecilea Mun, University of Nevada, How emotions know

  • Katherine Rickus, Marquette University, Emotions and obstacles to self-knowledge

  • Sabine Roeser, TU Delft, Ethical Intuitions and Emotions as Doxastic States

  • Dave Ward, University of Edinburgh, Sensorimotor Understanding

Phd Session

  • Jose M. Araya, University of Edinburgh, Predictive processing and emotion: integrating high-level knowledge and emotion. Discussant: Sam Wilkinson, University of Edinburgh

  • Valeria Bizzarri, University of Pisa, The Primacy of Emotions in Cognition. A case study from psychopathology. Discussant: Matilde Aliffi, University of Birmingham

  • Miguel Egler, University of St Andrews, Intuition, Noetic Feelings, and Philosophical Methodology. Discussant: Yu Ni, University of Edinburgh

  • Kelly Epley, University of Oklahoma, Revisiting the question: Emotion-judgment conflicts and rational judgment revision. Discussant: Michel Croce, University of Edinburgh

  • Maike Klein, University of Stuttgart, An enactive theory of emotions in artificial systems? Discussant: Maria Neijzen, University of Edinburgh

  • Benedetta Romano, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Reasoning, or how emotion implements cognition. Discussant: Slawa Loev, Institut Jean Nicod, Paris