Program PhD

The Social Dimensions of Cognition and Education:

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

— PhD Pre-Workshop —

26th October 2017


G32 7 George Square, University of Edinburgh


  • Laura Machado do Nascimento, “Radical enactivist contributions for learning and education”, State University of Campinas and Visiting Research Student at University of Antwerp
  • Hadeel Naeem, “Distributed cognition and Education”, University of Edinburgh
  • Tom Martin, “Where do ‘worlds’ end? Challenges in bounding American wooden boat building communities,” University of Oxford

Discussant/Chair: Mog Stapleton, University of Edinburgh

15:15 Coffee Break


  • Edward Causton, “Making Science Education Explicit: Inferentialism as a Means to Understanding the Teaching and Learning of Science|”, University College London
  • Aline Nardo, “Evolution and Education: Geneology and implications of Evolutionary Epistemologies in Educational Theory” University of Edinburgh
  • Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, “The Triadic Nature of Formal Education”, University of Cambridge

Chair/Discussant: Lani Watson, University of Edinburgh

16:45 Closing Remarks

Organised by Dr Laura Candiotto and Dr Andrea R. English, University of Edinburgh

Sponsored by: The Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain; The Scots Philosophical Association; The Eidyn Centre; The School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences; The Moray House School of Education’s Philosophy of Education Research Group; and The European Commission.