Feeling Reasons


Feeling Reasons. The Role of Emotions in Reasoning
University of Edinburgh, 24th-26th May 2017

The Eidyn Research Centre of the University of Edinburgh will host the International two days Conference titled “Feeling Reasons. The Role of Emotions in Reasoning” on May, the 25th-26th 2017, plus a PhD student’s session on May the 24th 2017. Dr. Laura Candiotto, Marie Curie Research Fellow at the same Centre, is the local convener.
The primary goals of the International Conference are to discuss the ongoing approaches about:
1. the role of emotions in logico-rational processes;
2. the cognitively-motivational states involving emotive elements;
3. the role of emotions in self-knowledge, embodied and embedded cognition, dialogical inquiry, and group knowledge;
4. the integrated functionality between the rational and the emotional dimensions of the mental;
5. emotions, cognitive success and risk.

The International Conference is organized under the aegis of the European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions (EPSSE). It is made possible thanks to the generous funding of the Scots Philosophical Association, the Mind Association, Eidyn Research Centre, Department of Philosophy (University of Edinburgh).


Some of the talks of the Feeling Reasons Conference are now online:


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