Emotions in Epistemic Practices

The Role of Emotions in Epistemic Practices and Communities

Are emotions vehicles of knowledge, and if yes, in virtue of what features? What is the role of emotions in social epistemic practices? What is the impact of local affective arrangements on epistemic communities?

In this workshop we will discuss the epistemic value of emotions at the intersection of philosophy of emotion and social epistemology. The aim is to foster an understanding of the role played by emotions in epistemic life. Different philosophical approaches and methodologies are brought into critical conversation.

An online seminar over the month of March 2021

Free University Berlin

Here you can find the link for attending it online:


1. Thursday 4th of March 2021

The epistemic role of emotions

Chair: Jan Slaby

16:00 Moritz Müller, University of Bonn

Knowing value and engaging with value

17:00 Laura Candiotto, FU Berlin

Epistemic emotions and co-enquiry: Dialogical approaches to knowledge creation in organisations

18:00 Hichem Naar, University of Duisburg-Essen

Skepticism about Reasons for Emotions

19:00 General discussion (30 mins)

2. Thursday 11th of March 2021

Collective emotions and knowledge

Chair: Laura Candiotto

16:00 Christiana Werner, University of Göttingen

Can you feel my fear? Phenomenal knowledge of another person’s affective state

17:00 Gerhard Thonhauser, University ofDarmstadt

Collective emotions: mechanisms of convergence and types of experience

18:00 Valeria Bizzarri, University of Leuven

Feeling as knowing: a multilayered account of collective agency

19:00 General discussion (30 mins)

3. Thursday, 18th March 2021

Emotions, evaluation, and understanding

Chair: Jan Slaby

16:00 Joel Krueger and Lucy Osler, University of Exeter

Affective self-evaluation in the techno-social niche: eating disorders as a case study

17:00 Imke von Maur, University of Osnabrück

Emotions and understanding in socio-cultural practices: Being “affectively disruptable” as an epistemic ability

18:00 Michael Brady, University of Glasgow

Negative emotion and meaning-making

19:00 General discussion (30 mins)

4. Thursday, 25th March 2021

Emotions in the social world

Chair: Laura Candiotto

16:00 Millicent Churcher, FU Berlin


17:00 Jan Slaby, FU Berlin

Disclosure and denial: On the epistemic predicament of human affectivity

18:00 Gen Eickers, University of Ludwigsburg

Emotional expressions as social practices: How social scripts shape our emotion performance

19:00 General discussion (30 mins)

This workshop is organized by Jan Slaby and Laura Candiotto at FU Berlin as part of Laura Candiotto’s project “Bond. Positive Emotions for Group Cognition”, funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, https://emotionsfirst.org/bond-2019-2021/, and by Jan Slaby’s subproject B05 “Changing Repertoires of Emotion II” at the CRC 1171 Affective Societies (see https://www.sfb-affective-societies.de/en/index.html)