ICA4: Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

I’m a fellow of the Intercontinental Academia on Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence promoted by UBIAS (University-based Institutes of Advanced Studies).
I’m exploring the philosophical significance of the engagement with affective robots simulating human emotions.

I presented the first results of this research at the Robophilosophy Conference at the University of Helsinki, August 2022.

I’m collaborating with some of the other ICA4 fellows on a project about AI and medicine. We held a meeting at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Birmingham in September 2022. I also presented some of the results from my research on “trusting AI” at the opening of the Centre for AI in Medicine at the University of Belo Horizonte in November 2022.

I’m also collaborating with the other fellows on a project on explanaible AI (XAI).