Laura Candiotto delivered more than 70 talks at international conferences and workshops.

Among them:

– 9 November 2022, “AI In Medicine: the issue of trust”, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belo Horizonte, Brasil

– 3 October 2022, “Plato: Emotions and Knowledge”, The Ancient Greeks and their Knowledge, University of Guadalajara, Mexico (online)

– 13 September 2022, “Personalised Medicine and the Techno Healthcare”, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Birmingham.

-16-19 August 2022, “Can we have cultural robotics without emotions?”, Robophilosophy Conference, University of Helsinki.

– 22-26 August, “Desire in-between and all around”, Learning with Others: Living Connections and Transmission, Mind & Life Europe, Pisa.

– 28 July 2022, “The affective dimension of trust”, The present and future of AI research”, University of Konstanz, Institute of Advanced Studies.

– 1-3 July 2022, “Longing for connection (online?): the feeling of extension”. Approaching collective action transdisciplinary: Collective intentionality, enactive cognitive science, and practice theory”, University of Darmstadt, Social Ontology Society.

13-16 June 2022, “Affective Habits in Aesthetic Experience”, Humboldt-Kolleg “Aesthetic Habits“, University of Torino, Free University of Berlin, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

– 9-11 June 2022, “Epistemic Emotions and Co-Inquiry”, EPSSE, University of Graz

– 8 June 2022, “The dialectics between suffering and enjoyment”, EPSSE pre-workshop on “co-emotions”, University of Graz.

– 1 June 2022, “Becoming Native”, The Ethics of Home, Centre for Ethics, University of Pardubice.

– 19-20 May 2022, “Extended Loneliness”, Affectivity & Technology: Philosophical Explorations”, IUSS Pavia

– 11 May 2022, “Loving sense-making”, BioEthics Lab, Czech Institute of Science, Prague

– 6 May 2022, “Affective disruptions in aesthetic experiences”, LMU/Pardubice/Tilburg Ethics and Emotions Workshop, Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich.

– 28 April 2022, What Socrates Does. Virtual Socrates Colloquium 2022, moderated by N. Smith, The International Society for Socratic Studies. Paper titled: “The Social Aspects of Socratic Philosophizing”.

– 26 April 2022, ArtEthics Conference, Czech Institute of Philosophy, Prague. Paper titled: “The Ethical Value of Disruptive Affective Habits in Aesthetic Experiences”

– 13-16 April 2022, International Society of Socratic Studies at the American Philosophical Association (APA), Vancouver Canada (deferred).

– 1 April 2022, Louis Queré, Il n’y a pas de cerveu des émotions, discussant, « Oltre l’idea di mente », Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

– 10 February 2022, “The affective dimension of trust: Why emotions make us trust an AI”, Lecture Series “Trust in Sciences and Technologies: Crises and Opportunities”, Freiburg University.

– 16 December 2021, “Extended loneliness”, Lecture Series “Philosophy and Psychopathology of Embodiment in Social Contexts”, University of Heidelberg.

– 8 December 2021, “Loving the Earth”, “Emotion and Nature”, EPSSE European-American Workshop.

– 21 November 2021, “Affective Habits“, Lecture Series “Recent Debates in Situated Cognition and Affectivity”, Ruhr University Bochum.

– 3-5 November 2021, “The aporetic dimension of recollection”, XIII Symposium Platonicum Pragense on Plato’s Phaedrus.

– October 2021, “When Hyperconnectivity Makes Us Feel Alone”, Research Seminar, University of Pardubice, 12 October 2021.

– September 2021, “Interrogating Wonder”, Royal College of Art, London, 21 September 2021.

– July 2021, (with M. Calcagno) “Epistemic and Practical Ignorance. A Virtue-Theoretic Approach”, EGOS Colloquium 2021, Sub-theme 34: Ignorance at Work: How Organizations Strive Not to Know, Free University of Amsterdam, 7-10 July 2021.

– June 2021, (with G. Piredda) “The Affectively Extended Self”, EPSSE, 10 June 2021.

– May 2021, (with R. Dreon) “Affective Scaffoldings as Habits”, ART Philosophical Seminar, University of Turin, 20th May (invited speaker, online workshop)

– May 2021, “The role of ἔρως in recollecting the Forms. Phaedrus 249b-253c”, Erōs and Philia in Plato and Aristotle, Trinity College Dublin, Trinity Plato Centre, 8–9 May 2021 (invited speaker, online workshop)

– April 2021, “Solitudine estesa. Quando l’iperconnettività ci rende soli”, Workshop sulla trasformazione digitale, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia. (invited speaker, online workshop)

– March 2021, “Emotions and Co-inquiry”, The role of emotions in epistemic practices and communities, Free University of Berlin, 4th March 2021.

– February 2021, “Alla ricerca dei fondamenti filosofici ed etici della relazione dialogica” e “L’importanza della relazione nei processi dialogici”,  Il contributo delle pratiche dialogiche nelle organizzazioni complesse, Università di Pisa, 21-22 February 2021 (invited speaker, online conference)

– November 2020, “Emotions In-Between”, Wittgenstein Research Group at the Pontifical University of Curitiba, organised by Lèo Peruzzo and Bortolo Valle, 19th November (invited speaker, talk delivered over Zoom).

– July 2020, “The Divine Feeling”, 2nd European-American Online Workshop in Philosophy of Emotions organised by Imke von Maur and Rick Anthony Furtak, 15th July (talk delivered over Zoom).

– June 2020, “Emotions and Extended Cognition”, Panel “Emotional Artificial Intelligence”, International Interdisciplinary Conference “Artificial Intelligence in the New Communicative Reality”, Ural Federal University, Russia, 19th June 2020 (invited speaker, talk delivered over Zoom).

– February 2020, “Love in Between” (presented with H. De Jaegher), Workshop on the Philosophy of Love, Tilbug University, The Netherlands, 13rd-15th February 2020.

– January 2020, “Epistemic Emotions and vice epistemology”, Une éthique du savoir. Présentation et discussion du livre de Pascal Engel “Les vices du savoirs”, Université d’Aix-Marseille, IMéRA, 27th January 2020 (invited speaker).

– July 2019, “The Eleatic gymnasia”, Symposium Platonicum XII – Plato’s Parmenides, Paris, 15th-20th July 2019.

– June 2019, “Emotions in-between”, EPSSE 2019, 6th Annual Conference, Pisa, 10th-12th June 2019.

– May 2019, “Positive emotions in dialogical interactions”, Language and Affectivity, International workshop, organized by the University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté and the University of Latvia, Dijon, 23rd May 2019 (invited speaker).

– January 2019, “Epistemic Emotions”, IUSS Pavia, Center for Neurocognition, Epistemology and theoretical Syntax, 07th Jan 2019. (invited speaker).

– September 2018, “Extended Agency and Autonomy. The case of assistive technology”, OpenSelf. Investigating the Boundaries of the Self: Bodily, Social, and Technological, Technical University of Berlin, 5th – 7th September 2018.

– September 2018, “Dialogue as vehicle of group knowledge. Epistemic cooperation and cognitive transformation”, 13th SIFA conference Novara, 4th – 7th September 2018.

– October 2016, “Emotions First. Epistemic emotions in Platos’ dialogically extended cognition”, Classics and Cognitive Theory, New York University, 27th – 28th October 2016.

– September 2016, “Socratic Dialogue at the border. Emotions for building the trust for humanity”, Lines in the Sand. Borders, Conflicts, Transitions, International Society for Religion,Literature and Culture, University of Glasgow, 9th – 11th September 2016. Panel “Dialogue” (Prof. M. Altorf).

– August-September 2016, “Positive Affectivity in Distributed Cognition”, Collective Intentionality X, Delft University of Technology, 3TU Centre for Ethics and Technology, and the University of Groningen on behalf of the International Social Ontology Society (ISOS), 30th August – 2nd September 2016.

– August 2016, “Extended Affectivity as the cognition of primary intersubjectivity”. the 24th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, University of St. Andrews, 10th – 13th August 2016.

– June 2016, “Alcibiades, the pupil of Socrates”, the Celtic Conference in Classics, University College Dublin, 22nd – 25th June 2016.

– June 2016, “Remembering through Love”, EPSSE 2016, University of Athens, 13th – 15th June 2016.

– July 2015, “Aporetic state and the shamefull recognition of contradictions in the Socratic Dialogue”. EPSSE 2015, University of Edinburgh, 15th-17th July.

– November 2014: “Old and New Shame”, Teaching Innovation in Philosophy, Complutense University of Madrid.

– October 2014, “The reality of relations. A philosophical interpretation of Rovelli’s Relational Quantum Mechanics”. XI International Ontology Conference “Old Questions in Physis, Contemporary Approaches”, Under the Honorary Presidency of Bas Van Fraassen, University of San Sebastian.

– April 2013, “The heteron as relational being. Heidegger’s interpretation of Plato’s Sophist 257b-259d”. Sophistes. Plato’s Dialogue and Heidegger’s Lectures in Marburg (1924/25), Philipps-Universität Marburg.

– October 2012, “The children’s prayer. Saving the phenomena”, X International Ontology Conference “Physis. From particles to human nature”, Under the Honorary Presidency of Daniel Dennet, University of San Sebastian.